Our Purpose

The Health Care Marketing Alliance of NW Arkansas was created to bring the representatives of health care providers together for networking and continuing education regarding health care resources. All health care professionals are invited to join. Call a board member for details on meetings and membership.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Care Marketing Alliance of Northwest Arkansas is to network with professionals in the Health Care industry, maximizing the potential for relationships while serving our clients, patients and residents in Northwest Arkansas.

Goals, Benefits, and Objectives

The goals, benefits and objectives of the Health Care Marketing Alliance of Northwest Arkansas are as follows:

Environment of Innovation

To provide an environment for exchanging of ideas, planning of health care events, and participating in health fairs and expos in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Share Your Message

To provide a forum for vendors to display their products, services, and educational materials.

Continued Education

To provide a guest speaker(s) at the monthly meeting to offer education and enlightenment of interest to the membership.

Our Network

We are fortunate to be supported by and associated with a vast community of changemakers and caregivers. Join us and access our support system.