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By joining the Health Care Marketing Alliance of Northwest Arkansas you are helping your business and your community. We pride ourselves on being a collaboration of health care professionals, service providers, and caring people.

The cost of membership is an annual fee of $65.00 plus a late fee of $20.00 if paid after 4/15/24.

How It Works

Dues to the Healthcare Marketing Alliance of Northwest Arkansas are paid on a organizational membership basis. Dues will be established annually based upon the operational requirements determined necessary by the board of directors for the Health Care Marketing Alliance of Northwest Arkansas. Dues will be paid annually beginning in January of each year. Dues paid after April 15th will be established dues plus $20.00 late fee. Dues will be utilized for the following purposes:

  1. To pay directory related expenses.
  2. To pay expenses for the guest speaker.
  3. To pay expenses for mailings and postage.
  4. To pay expenses for reproduction of organizational material.
  5. To pay expenses as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors, including legal expenses.
  6. To pay website related expenses.

HCMA DISCLAIMER: The inclusion in this directory does not mean endorsements or recommendations by HCMA nor is HCMA responsible for any member’s action or inaction. The directory is intended solely as a list of possible providers in the NW Arkansas area for Healthcare Services.


Whats Included

What You Get With Your Annual Membership

Your annual membership to HCMA entitles you to:

Directory Listing

Your business included in our online and print directories.

Advertising Opportunities

Opportunity to present infomercials at monthly meetings to membership.

Weekly Emails

Stay up to date on industry and regional news, events, tips, and more.

Event Marketing

Opportunity to host a booth for your business at regional health fairs

Requirement to Join

In order to join HCMA you must be affiliated with a health care provider or another approved industry category and located within Northwest Arkansas.

Please contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility or require further explanation of eligiblity.

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