Hospital Listings

Regional Hospital Facilities

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital

479-444-2200 |Fayetteville, AR

Eureka Springs Hospital

(800)530-4525 | Eureka Springs, AR

Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas

(479) 338-8000 | Rogers, AR

Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital Northwest Arkansas

(479) 799-4802 | Rogers, AR

Northwest Medical Center – Bentonville

(479) 553-1000 |Bentonville, AR

Northwest Medical Center – Springdale

(479) 751-5711 I Springdale, AR

Ozark Community Hospital of Gravette

(479) 334-6725 I Gravette, AR

Regency Specialty Hospital

(479) 757-2600 | Springdale, AR

Siloam Springs Regional Hospital

(479) 215-3000 I Siloam Springs, AR

Springwoods Behavioral Health

(479) 973-6000 | Fayetteville, AR

Vantage Point Behavioral Health

(479) 521-5731 |Fayetteville, AR

Willow Creek Women’s Hospital

(479) 684-3000| Johnson, AR

HCMA Disclaimer

The inclusion in this directory does not mean endorsements or recommendation by HCMA nor is HCMA responsible for any member’s action or inaction. This directory is intended solely as a list of possible providers in the NW Arkansas area for Healthcare Services.